The Connection Between Gambling and Dementia

Did you know that the majority of the population that gamble are over the age of fifty? It may come as a shock, but when you think of it, it may seem to make some sense. If they feel like they don’t have anything better to do then why not gamble?

However, there is a fine line between gambling every once in a while or being interested in learning to play slots or craps thanks to and then gambling all the time. If someone gambles all of the time, people might think that they’re not well and consider the fact they may be suffering from a disease of some kind. This is not always the case, but some of the time, it is.

Who is more at risk?

When this is the case, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you see most of the elderly people up and about roaming around the casinos and gambling. There are people there everyday who are young and old and you can also find them using the Videoslots Bonus Code 2018 which has helped many people in the past.

However, the elderly (not all of course) are more prone than younger people to getting Alzheimer’s Disease. Dementia goes right along with most of those symptoms. It’s when you are having trouble keeping track of things and have a short term memory. This is partly the reason why you may find older people gambling. They may have forgotten just how much money they can spare or not at all.

There are other reasons that could be at stake too. For instance, if you gamble way too much and end up losing a good amount of money that you couldn’t afford to, you would get very upset about it. For an older person, we can only imagine how much more dramatic it could be for them.

This could lead to negative feelings, thus getting the Alzheimer’s and linked Dementia which could lead to over obsessive gambling. Feeding their bad habit which they think might make them feel better, but in reality, the outcome will probably not be so.

With less income and more of a poor outlook on health, it is arguably hard to say that not all of the majority of older people like to regularly visit the casino and stay awhile. There was even a study back in 2013 where they have documented around four million elderly people having a very bad gambling addiction.

This can be a very bad habit, and for an older person it can be a whole lot harder to quit and the more you try the more you want to keep playing. This leads to trouble within themselves and they can find it very hard to think straight.

It is a type of disorder when you are addicted to something and can’t stop doing it that is also linked to a type of dementia. It’s best to not get too hooked to something that could damage your future. Every once in a while is surely not going to hurt you, but overdoing it could.