Top 3 Online Health Myths Busted

We all try to be healthy. We used to rely on old wives’ tales before the information about health was widely available to everyone. With the internet, you can order food online, learn about history, play video games, and enjoy promotions like the GG Poker bonus code.  Unfortunately, with the internet, misinformation is also readily spread out. Here are a few health myths you should not buy into.

Vaccines Cause Autism

This one is really out there, but the anti-vax movement still has a large following. Anti-vaxxers have several theories of why vaccines are not safe, though each and every one of them has been debunked. One of the most popular ones is that vaccines cause autism. The scientific consensus is that there is no connection between the two. 

Another idea is that the ingredients in vaccines are dangerous and deadly. While it is true that some chemical elements are dangerous on their own, the compounds in the vaccine are there to ensure its effectiveness, like the aluminum kick-starting the body’s response and formaldehyde making the virus inactive. So, to put it simply, vaccines are safe and necessary (we’re not even going to entertain the idea of microchipping). 

X-Rays Give You Cancer

The major concern here arises when health service professionals go behind a screen while you take your scan. The truth is that you do get exposed to a bit of radiation. However, the levels of radiation for a couple of x-rays are so low they are not harmful. On the other hand, if you are someone who gets exposed to x-rays 8-10 hours a day for years then it is understandable that you would want to leave the room every time a patient needs a clear picture of their bones.


At the time of writing, the world has been battling the coronavirus for over a year. Stll, there are many health myths being spread online and from person to person. One of them is that the disease is not real, but a media hoax (this one was really popular in the US). The global death toll begs to differ. 

Another one is that it affects only the elderly. While the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions are more susceptible to Covid-19, middle-aged people, teenagers, and even toddlers can get Covid. The low percentage of death should not be taken lightly, as the virus spreads rapidly.

Some people believe it’s like a cold. The truth is that some people may experience Covid as a cold, while others may carry it without even knowing. Furthermore, the common cold does not leave physical and mental damage in its wake.

Finally, there is a myth that wearing masks doesn’t work. Masks are there to protect you, but even more so to protect people around you. If a sick person wears a mask and keeps their distance, chances are they are not going to spread the virus. Unfortunately, when people are asymptomatic they often don’t see the need for wearing masks.