Vaccination Misinformation: More Dangerous Than the Illnesses

In recent years, the anti-vax propaganda spreading across the globe has made some serious medical and epidemical issues. Even if the multiple benefits behind the vaccines are pretty obvious, some tend to belive completely opposite. However, even if the lack of vaccination is dangerous, what is more dangerous, is the propaganda that could spread faster than the disease itself. As a matter of fact, propagandas such as these are one of the greatest public health issues. 

Back to Basis

During the last couple of decades, the culture of vaccination has brought on some great results health vise. In fact, due to the availability of the vaccinees and the improvement of medical discoveries over the last century, many lives have been saved. The result of that could be seen through the decrease in the number of deaths in children younger than five. 

Some of the most lethal and life-threatening diseases are controlled and prevented by vaccines. When we think of measles, mumps, rabies, cholera, rubella, and even influenza, we know that they might pose a great risk. And not only to the individual but to the whole society. So, how is it possible that we can oversee all the threats coming from these and similar diseases? 

Anti-Vax Propaganda Consequences

Humanity was quite near eradication of many epidemic diseases, but it seems that the anti-vax propaganda poses the greatest setback towards the goal. Unfortunately, even if the effects are more than obvious, an enormous number of children and people all around the world still remain unvaccinated. And again, the question “Why?” remains.

Are the parents bearing the responsibility for the children aware of the fact that they pose a threat to their communities and ultimately to the whole society? Apparently, the lack of proper basic health care education, misinformation on the effectiveness of vaccines, poor and unprofessional health care systems in the communities and much more affect that. 

Misinformation as the Main Threat 

On top of that, the appearance of anti-vaccine communities fuel these doubts and could result in a major global catastrophe. Consequently, even is some parents have access to all the necessary vaccines, they deny their children the right to get them. And without any doubt, the misinformation spreading through groups, and social media is becoming one of the most dangerous health threats. 

This kind of misinformation spread by the anti-vaccination groups is creating further confusion and spreading fear among the parents around the globe. in other words, the [ower of misinformation and the power of groundless fear of vaccination has taken the whole society a few steps back. 

Current Situation

The numbers are clear, as with the vaccination system functioning the way it is supposed to function millions and millions of lives are saved annually. However, the vaccination rates still show the unsatisfying results as they slowly decline. Currently, there are a couple of dozen million children out there that haven’t been vaccinated. 

All in all, spreading the awareness of the importance of vaccination, immunization, and normalizing health care systems is crucial for the well being on the global level.