Common Winter Illnesses

With winter time upon us, and the icy cold weather truly having set it, everyone is starting to suffer with the dreaded winter illnesses. Coughs and colds plague the festive time of year and are can ruin people Christmas time of year and party season.

Coughs, colds and stuffy noses affect us all throughout the year, but during winter time, they are much more common in the winter time of year. Especially for children and those with young kids coughs and cold are prevalent and can affect children the worst. For those young children, toddlers and babies at nurseries, coughs and colds are passed on easily and the winter time of year can seem like one big cough and sniffle!

Winter Well being: 

Cold homes and offices, can have a very significant impact on peoples health, especially those who are young, vulnerable or elderly. One of the most important and best ways to ensure your health and well being this winter is to keep yourself warm.

Keeping yourself warm over the winter months and cold, icy times of year, can help to prevent colds, flu and coughs. Keeping warm is also important to prevent more serious health conditions, especially those who are elderly or ill already, conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and even mental health problems such as depression.

Flu is a big problem during winter time, and anyone who has ever suffered from it will know how much of an affect it can have on your everyday life and ability to work and enjoy the festive time of year. Flu is a highly infectious illness which can spread rapidly, however, if you are at risk of complications from flu, you may to eligible for a free flu jab from the NHS.