Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery could completely transform a person’s life and this is why it such a popular surgical treatment. Being unable to wake up without blurred vision is a common theme amongst many people in the UK. However, laser eye surgery will eradicate this problem and allow you to wake with perfect sight.
The surgery begins with local anaesthetic drops being placed in the eye or eyes that are being treated. During the procedure, a knife is used to cut a flap in the cornea, as blurred vision is due to the shape of the cornea and how much light is being allowed to enter into the eye. Once the flap is cut, it is folded back to reveal the middle part of the cornea. Pulses from a laser vaporise a portion of this and the flap is replaced.

After the surgery it will mean you need to wear an eye patch over the treated eye for 24 hours. Although both eyes can be treated in the same procedure, if complications arise, each eye should be treated as separated procedures.

The risk of laser eye surgery is relatively slim and it is a very common procedure. The risk of severe loss of vision is very unusual but some patients may require additional attention.
The concept of being able to see without aid is something that transforms your life very soon after the procedure. Not only does the hassle of glasses and contact lens suddenly evaporate but in the long-term the savings are great.