Things everyone should know about gambling addiction

Most of the times, gambling is a fun way to spend your time in the company of friends or simply in front of your computer on a comfortable sofa. Moreover, bonuses like the Stan James promo code 2018 make it possible for you to actually supplement your income.

Still, what happens when there are some underlying issues that pave the way to addiction? Briefly, the player enters a downward spiral. These people should not be expelled from the community but helped to deal with this affliction. We’ll show you how to recognize the symptoms of gambling addiction and we’ll also bust a couple of myths about this common and yet frequently misunderstood disorder.

What is gambling addiction?

This disorder is often referred to as pathological or compulsive gambling and it basically means that the person has no control over his impulse to gamble even when the odds are clearly very bad. These people, like any other types of addicts, feel the need to be secretive about their problem (which they usually don’t see as a problem).

They are compelled to gamble until they’ve spent the last dollar. The main thing is that addicts will want to gamble even when they don’t have the money. In fact, when you start borrowing money to cover your losses, it’s a serious wake-up call because you will inevitably end up turning to loan sharks, thus putting your life and the lives of your loved ones in danger.

Another symptom is the loss of focus on day to day activities. Their mind is constantly occupied by issues like “where could I get more money for tonight’s poker game,” “how can I get off work earlier to start playing” and so on. The moment your daily life is disrupted, you have to put a more serious label on it: addiction.

Common myths debunked

The most common myth is that you have to gamble every day to be an addict. In fact, there are people who gamble infrequently and still feel the urge to sit at the table until there’s no more money left in their bank account.

Another misconception is this: what’s the big deal if the person has a lot of money to spend? Well, if you’re a millionaire, you enter high stake games and you lose everything faster. Apart from that, there are serious mental health problems associated with the addiction: anxiety, depression, and sometimes they go as far as suicide.