Six Surprising Benefits of Playing Online Games

Online games are taking the world by storm! It seems that more and more people, young and old, are playing them and choosing online gaming as their favorite pastime. Both technological advancements and the Internet have made it possible for online video games to be easily accessible. There are a lot of people using bonus codes, such as Mr Green promotions, to make online gaming even more exciting.

Even though it may seem that playing video games, both offline and online, has no benefits other than entertaining you immensely, we beg to differ. Countless studies have shown that engaging in this type of an activity (in moderation, of course) can be highly beneficial for players. Here are just a few benefits online games can offer:

1. Accessible entertainment 24/7

Online games are available anytime and anywhere. You can access them on your computer at home, or mobile phone when you are commuting or waiting in a line at the post office. They help people entertain themselves when otherwise they would be wasting time doing nothing. There are millions of games to choose from, and fun is but a click away.

2. Stress reduction

Even though some online games are thought to increase stress, for example when you can’t advance to the next level for the tenth time, it can be said that the opposite is also true. Some studies have shown that people who play card games on a regular basis exhibit lower stress levels and have significantly lower cortisol levels.

3. Improved memory

Many games rely on short-term memory, but there is some evidence that they also have beneficial effects on long-term memory, as well. Everyday routine activities can cause mental stagnation, so playing games online can keep the mind engaged and active, as it requires concentration and paying attention to details. Some scientists even like to say that memory games are fitness for the brain. There are many games that people who are likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s can play to engage their brains.

4. Vision improvement

Even though it is commonly believed that too much screen time can damage your vision, some scientists have come to the conclusion that playing games in moderation can actually improve it. Action gamers reportedly have increased visual ability than those who play non-action games.

5. Social engagement

There are many online games that allow players to communicate via public chats, DMs, etc., on their multiplayer platforms. Players need to work together to make progress in the game, and they exchange messages to try to come up with solutions. This is particularly useful for people who are introverted, as they are able to communicate with other players and socialize. Many players also play games with their friends, so when they are not together in real life, they are in touch online while engaging in a fun gaming activity.

6. Potential help for the dyslexic

Recent research has suggested that playing games can help children who have dyslexia. Scientists believe that the problem with reading these children have has more to do with their visual attention, as opposed to the skills related to language. A study group of dyslexic children played a fast-paced game, and their reading abilities improved over time. They could read faster, and their accuracy was better as they were able to learn how to extract crucial information more quickly.