Depression And How To Treat It

A lot of people suffer from depression all across the globe. Stats suggest that over 300 million people worldwide suffer from some form of a depressed state. The good news is that depression can be treatable in many ways. Luckily, nowadays we can educate ourselves about this subject very quickly; there are millions of articles online that can be accessed in mere seconds. Just like we use the internet to access, Instagram and many other websites that are to our liking. It’s as simple as that. That being said, there is so much that can be written on depression and its treatment, but here we will try to give you only a few basic facts on the subject.

What Is Depression?

Depression is a mood state that is characterized by the person’s lack of activity which can affect thoughts, behavior, and other feelings. Depression can be both temporary and more permanent, depending on the patient. There are many factors that can cause a person to feel depressed. Feeling depressed can be a natural outcome after some negative life changing events, such as a death of a loved one, for example. In other circumstances, depression can occur because of financial issues, health issues, stress, isolation, menopause, and many other similar factors. This mood can also occur if a person is feeling ashamed, for example, if they’re overweight or if their sexual orientation is frowned upon by their surroundings.

A major depressive disorder can make a person feel low self-esteem, low energy, loss of interest to engage in physical activity or social interactions, and more. Depressed people can often feel worthless, hopeless, regretting their actions or feeling guilt, while some can even experience self-hatred. In most extreme cases, depression can cause a person to have suicidal thoughts. Physical symptoms also exist, and these may include headaches, fatigue, and digestive issues.


Depression does not necessarily require professional help. Some life-changing events can alter a person’s mood and cause depression temporarily. This is considered normal and the feeling passes on its own after a certain period of time. However, if for whatever reason a person keeps feeling depressed for a while, they may need to seek adequate treatment. The treatment usually consists of psychotherapy counseling, medication, or the combination of the two.

Many studies confirm that psychotherapy alone can reduce depression in patients, especially in the elderly. However, the combination of counseling with proper medication has proven the most effective. There are many antidepressants prescribed to patients varying from mild to strong ones. Depending on a patient’s state, a medical professional prescribes the recommended medication and dosage.

Other way to treat depression is by changing your lifestyle. Physical activity and exercise have been proven to have certain positive effects on symptoms of mild depression. Other methods can include changing sleep habits and going on a diet.