Can Poker Improve Your Mental Health?

Casino games might seem like a quick way for you to try your luck on and earn some fast cash. Many online casinos, can give you an opportunity to have fun and take part in the exciting online gambling world. However, playing certain casino games require you to not only be lucky, but also put your thinking cap on and try to win with your brain power. Here, we will specifically talk about the game of poker.

Poker and Math

When it comes to poker, math can be used in many different ways. If you want to increase your chances of winning, having some basic math knowledge can be highly beneficial. It’s safe to say that all professional poker players use math when playing. By knowing the rules of poker and figuring out the math behind it, you will have an advantage when calculating the odds of either your or your opponent’s hand. This should make for some correct decisions on your part, whether it’s a call, a raise, or a timely fold.

Practicing math, whether you do it through the game of poker or not, is a great way to keep your brain active, therefore improving your overall state of mental health.


Apart from being a game of skill and luck, poker can also be a game of nerves. When you don’t get a favorable draw, you can still take the pot by tricking your opponents and making them believe you have a winning hand. Going “all in” when the odds are not on your side is very risky, but can nevertheless be rewarding. This is even harder to do when you are playing poker in a land-based casino where other players can see your face and try to pick up on your reactions.

Thereby, only people with the nerves of steel can bluf effectively and win even when luck is not on their side. It’s essential to not get emotional and to keep your “poker face” at all times,  not changing your reactions whether you’re winning or losing. This is not easy to do and will require a lot of patience as well as a strong mental power.


Online poker games usually have a “shot clock” or a timer, as to keep the game’s pace on a higher level. This means that you will have to make your decisions rather quickly. Some poker players need more time in order to figure out the odds of their hand, so if you don’t think fast, you’re in trouble. However, your brain will eventually get faster if you practice enough.

While there aren’t enough studies on the correlation between poker and the improvement of your mental state, you can still say that poker is a game of wits that will require you to use your brain a lot. In theory, poker can be beneficial to your mental health due to some positive effects, but we need more hard evidence in order to prove it.